Wanting something from a DIY approach or that comes flat packed and needs assembling, but haven't the time or energy? Something that needs a few screws or welding up?

 Maybe a new garden bed in/above ground, or a bed head framed/free standing? 

Liven up your garden with an automated sprinkler/irrigation system.

Have you ever had a fish pond?

How about a resin coated wood slab coffee table or bar top?

Even reconditioning of wood and metal (wood treatment, rust removal, metal sanding and polishing to a mirror finish).

Your kitchen or vanity would look great with cupboard/mirror LED strip lighting!

repairing - removing - replacing

From the small and quick to the 'challenge accepted'

  • Doors, cupboard doors, door runners/wheels, hinges, screens, windows
  • Kitchen, laundry, bathroom fixtures and fittings
  • Cracked tiles, noisy floorboards,  deteriorating grout and seals
  • Broken concrete edges/corners
  • Rust removal
  • Welding metal/plastic
  • Casting for broken parts
  • Paint/stain/coat indoor/outdoor/objects
  • Architrave/skirting
  • Paving
  • Mailboxes - brick/post
  • Slow draining/blocked sinks
  • Many forms of leaks
  • Shelving and storage solutions
  • Home Theatre Systems
  • Roof insulation
  • Manual Labour, even trenching!

And many more - just ask!


 Need something cleaned or requiring an overhaul?

  • Replacing or upgrading every breed of light globe
  • Mould solutions
  • Blunt knife, blade, and cutter sharpening
  • Prickly, patchy and pale looking lawns - incl sprinkler/irrigation systems
  • guttering and downpipe clearing
  • Uninviting pools and spas
  • Battery smoke alarms

And much more - just ask!