Your Repair Guy

I have always been that person who can fix anything, or turn ideas into creations.

 After many years experiencing a dynamic range of work as an electrician, and a few years as a sole facilities/maintenance manager, I have found myself doing what I love.

Fully Insured.

 A Handyman to help in the ways you want and need. Not trading as an  electrician, which is my trade, or under other trade licences, to keep  insurance and fees low for me - and essentially the hourly rate low for  you!

There is no such thing as an after hours rate or charge here. I aim to be available when it suits you!

Got an idea or repair that doesn't seem possible? Need an extra head with a thinking cap to brainstorm ideas?
Give me a call! The only silly question, is the one that you don't ask! 

Services at a Fair Price

Whether it's leaking or blocked, falling or stuck, broken or missing, daytime or nighttime, you will only be charged for labor and materials.

Job specific hourly rates - understanding not every job calls for the same skill sets.

Offering FREE <30min on-site QUOTING (2477, 2478, 2480) 

Flexible to suit you

When things aren't 'straight forward' or 'convenient', you need someone to work around your life, do not hesitate to ask. I aim to be as helpful as humanly possible, any time of day. (Quote bookings 24hrs in advance advised)